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GimmeDosh provides borrowers a fast and reliable service for getting a short term payday loan with very competitive rates.  We search the best rates from the best providers available online for you, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is fill in the form below and we’ll take care of the rest.  Just make sure you a€™re able to repay the original loan amount and the charges for the term you choose.

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Fast and Reliable UK Payday Loans

Gimmedosh provides borrowers a fast and reliable service for getting a payday loan with very competitive rates. We search for the best rates from the top providers available online for you, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is fill in the form above and we’ll take care of the rest. Just make sure you’re able to re-pay the original loan amount and the charges for the term you choose.

The mainstream lenders keep out of the high cost loans market, as they regard payday lending high risk. However, these loans have their place in the overall lending market, as they are ideal for borrowers who can’t approach the banks due to having a poor credit record. But, they tend to be in employment and seeking a payday loan due to unforeseen cash flow problems.

Payday loan companies provide small amounts of borrowing (£100 - £1000) for short-terms (e.g. 3 – 30 days), which are always unsecured. Applicants have to repay the original amount plus any fees/charges on their next weekly/monthly wage from their personal UK based bank account. The total cost of a payday loan, usually expressed as an APR, can be from 900% to more than 2500%, which most borrowers are willing to pay to cover their very short-term cash flow problem until their next payday.

This is nothing new, as there has always been a short term loan facility for people who get paid in cash on a face-to-face basis. This in fact is the origin of the payday loan market in the UK for employed people who needed a boost to their income to meet an unforeseen expense. It is totally different to unemployed people on benefits who rely on borrowing at high rates that they won’t be able to pay using ‘loan sharks’. These are the characters that have given payday loans a bad name, even though they’re completely different to the current short term payday loans available mainly online.

The internet has both expanded the payday loan market and caused the rates to drop due to the competition. Although there has been an explosion in provision of such loans online without the direct participation of the mainstream lenders, it is ironic that the wholesale funds being made available for the specialist small and medium-sized payday loan lenders are from mainstream lenders. They don’t intend to get involved directly with the high risk lending to consumers with a poor credit record and have left the market to the online and high street niche players.

Gimmedosh process all applications online and provide an excellent access to the payday loan market in the UK by checking the best rates from more than 30 payday loan companies. Our process is easy and fast and our providers usually come back with a decision within one hour without performing a credit check, so there’s no problem if you have a bad credit history. We only recommend reputable payday loan providers that give you a great after-sales service and obviously we look to give you the lowest APRs available.

The main conditions for applying for a Gimmedosh payday loan are:

• you must be 18 or over

• you must be a UK resident

• you must be in full or part time employment (NOT temporary work)

• must have a mainland UK personal bank account that receives your regular wages.

So, if you meet all the above criteria, just fill in our short online application form and we’ll do the rest. The payday loan provider will inform you by an email about the decision on your application.

Representative Example A £150 loan borrowed for 20 days would be repaid by a single payment of £180 which would be the total amount payable.
Representative 2692.8%APR. Rate 365.25% per annum fixed.

Works in 3 Easy Steps

Apply for Short Term Loan

Accept Credit Agreement

Receive Your Cash

Loan amounts are based on consumer's ability to repay.

*Maximum first time loan may be £400. Our payday loan lenders may verify applicant information.

**Same day funding may involve a £15 charge.

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