How to get same day cash loans online

How to get same day cash loans online


same day cash loans onlineIf you’re one of the working individuals forming 20% of UK households that need to borrow on a regular basis from credit cards or high street pawn brokers to make ends meet, then you have come to the right place to find out more about the possibilities and uses of same day cash loans.  As you’re fully aware, there are many people in the UK that need access to this kind of financial assistance, especially towards the end of the month when their previous month’s pay has been exhausted.


But, this is just one of the many reasons consumers today apply for same day payday loans online from the many UK providers.  There are the obvious examples; cash for fixing the car that has failed its MOT, quick cash for fixing the boiler etc, and also the less known phenomenon of many working, young and internet savvy consumers who have been using same day cash loan providers online to get hold of some cash instantly into their bank account instead of borrowing from their bank or using their credit cards.


The massive growth of the payday loan market, especially the online, has unfortunately attracted some opportunist rogue traders that have moved into the online space charging extortionate interest rates and adopted unscrupulous collection methods that has give the sector a bad name.


However, only uses the most responsible payday lenders that provide the most competitive rates available in the market to offer you the best possible service for fast access to same day cash loans in the UK.


The UK market for payday loans has grown substantially in the past 5 years, which has attracted many US providers due to the many restrictions imposed on their businesses in their own market.  These lenders have managed to put pressure on the rates offered by UK lenders, which has been advantageous for the consumer.  Many of these providers then marketed themselves as the ‘fastest’ payday loan providers online.


The scene was then set for the lenders to out do each other on the promise of the speed of processing an application and transferring the cash to the borrower’s bank account on the same day.  Many of the less responsible lenders have bypassed the checks they should carry out on the applicants in order to achieve the same day fast processing and cash transfer, which has put some lesser able applicants in even more debt that they will most probably not be able to repay for many years.


These are some of the issues consumers should consider when applying for same day payday loans online from UK lenders.  You can apply with confidence when using as your provider in the confusing online world of payday loans.  The application process is simple to follow and you’ll get an answer about your request by email as soon as possible, sometimes this can be within 30 minutes, but usually in a few hours.


The most important factors one should look at when considering a payday advance are the hidden fees and charges, which can quickly add up to triple the original loan amount and put the borrower in a serious spiral of debt.


So, don’t get attracted by the ‘speed’ of the application and how fast the cash will be in your bank account, as the interest rate, fees and penalty charges for late or non payment are the important factors you should review before applying for an online same day payday loan.


Gimmedosh is a specialist on same day cash loans online.


How to beat the blues on FA Cup Final Day

payday loans uk Does your cash get squeezed before your next pay packet? Is there a financial emergency you need to take care of? Have you seen that special present for your partner that won’t be there next week? Is your credit record not as rosy as it should be? Are you sure the Premier League relegation zone Wigan boys have got what it takes to beat soon to be crowned runners up Manchester City?


Well, help is at hand and you can relax and watch the final in peace knowing your financial worries can be taken care of by your careful selection of a payday loan.


There are many pay day loan providers in the UK that promise a fast and efficient service for the borrower, but usually fail to deliver on speed, best available rates or after sales service. So, you have come to the right place if you’re after a simple and quick application process and a selection of the best available rates online. The customer service is also tuned to look after all your after sales enquiries.


There are a few criteria that you have to meet to qualify for a payday loan. You have to be 18 or over, UK resident, in full or part time employment (not temporary) and a UK bank account. So, it couldn’t be easier to get that extra cash you need if you meet all of these conditions. We only use responsible lenders that make all the necessary checks on you before accepting your application.


There’s no need to be down in the dumps on this very important FA Cup Final day. You can get your hands on any amount of cash between £100 and £1500 payable over 3 to 30 days and spend it on whatever you like. There is no restriction!


It has become common practice by some young working people to use payday loans as a fast and efficient way of borrowing money on a short term basis instead of using their credit card or applying for a bank loan with a minimum of 12 months duration. Many regular users of payday loans can take out as many as 4 or 5 loans in a year.


The recent criticism by MPs and other commentators of payday loans and the providers in the UK fails to take this rather large sector of the working population into consideration. The recently announced OFT review of the UK pay day loan sector will look at many factors, which will hopefully result in new legislation that will remove the rogue lenders from the UK market.


The most important factor that will affect many of the rogue companies and their sharp practices is the likelihood of introducing a ‘cap’ on the interest rates that can be charged by payday lenders. A number of the established lenders have welcomed the review and this specific measure.


In fact it is looking more likely that some mainstream lenders will enter the payday and short term loans market after the OFT review has reported back to parliament and new legislation put in place to control some of the bad practices by rogue traders in the sector.


How to get fast payday loans online

Are there any genuine fast payday loans online?


fast payday loans onlineThere are many online providers of payday loans that claim to process your application very fast and to transfer the funds to your personal bank account as quickly as 15 minutes. This is achievable in some rare instances, but for most applicants the process can take from a few hours to over a day.


The speed of processing an application is dependent on many factors some of which are out of the control of the provider. The main aspects affecting the pace of delivery of the funds would be the IT system the payday lenders use and the source of the actual funds.


The haste with which a lender wants to transfer the funds to your account is an indication of their true long term intentions. These types of lenders have very little interest in staying in business longer than a few months. They have generally entered the short term unsecured high risk loan market to make as much profit before the government ordered OFT review of the payday loan sector and the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) impose strict new laws and restrictions on the providers, the most important being the possibility of a cap on the interest rate, charges and fees that can be charged by the lenders.


So, who should the consumer believe and trust when searching for a short term payday loan on the very crowded internet? One of the best methods is to ask your friends or colleagues for any experiences they may have had with good or bad lenders online. Another approach would be to use one of the well known sites like who can get the best rates from the best providers online in realistic fast times. You can refer to the customer testimonials of such sites for a quick review of other people’s experiences.


You now have a better understanding of the online payday loan market. The other important factor to consider is the amount you can realistically afford to borrow, as you don’t want to get yourself into even more debt that will continue to grow due to the high interest rates and late fees and charges. Unfortunately many unscrupulous payday loan lenders aren’t interested in your ability to repay the loan, as they want to make as much quick cash as possible in the shortest possible time in the market. They achieve this by their irresponsible lending in order to get as many ‘roll over’ of the loan as possible, as this is the best way for the lender to increase their profit margins.


It is these type of sharp practices that has given the payday loan sector a bad name and as a result of sustained campaigning by MPs and other individuals convinced the government to initiate the OFT review. Many commentators believe that the rogue traders will move offshore and continue with their bad lending habits.


Most UK payday lenders have very strict criteria that they follow when processing applications, affordability being one of the most important. The other condition is the borrower must be employed, part or full time, not in temporary employment. Unfortunately some lenders ignore this very critical factor when deciding to lend to high risk individuals and get the consumer into even more debt as a result.


So, don’t get attracted by the speed claims of some payday lenders and always check the market before committing to any loan.

There are a many payday loan companies in the UK. provide an excellent online service for getting the best loan for you by giving you access to the best UK payday lenders and by checking the best rates available.

New payday loan lenders

New payday loan lenders online


new payday loan lendersIn today’s economy it is more of the latter. It’s a rough time for almost everyone, but some are taking advantage of this rough patch. The new payday loan lenders businesses are now booming. Now in its third recession since 2008, Britain is trying to find its way back. While the economy is looking for a recovery method the new payday loan lenders are opening up on every corner and watching other businesses close their doors. People are in need of money for their homes, businesses, food and bills.


Knowing how hard it is for everyone the process of being able to borrow money is getting easier and faster. Some are able to have money in your back account in as little as an hour. This is a very tempting offer when you’re in need of cash fast and won’t be able to make it till payday. Most new payday loan lenders will give you around 100 to 1500 on a loan and give up to about 30- 45 days to pay it back. Online services will let you fill out a questionnaire to apply and with it only taking 5 minutes to fill the vital details.


People would usually turn to the piece of plastic in their wallets, the credit cards, but now credit companies are not allowing that to be an option. It is easier to get approved for a small loan because they know you will have to pay it back with your upcoming check. It is now one of the only ways to gain quick fix cash, without having to borrow from friends or family. We just have to be careful, like with anything in life, to not take out a loan that we are unable to pay back later. It is easy to get in a mess very quickly.


The new payday loan lenders have high interest rates and if you are not able to pay by the time which was first agreed on the cost is only going to get higher. The government is also paying closer attention because of the popularity and the affect they are having on the economy. Yet this is all something we have to consider, as there are no other options sometimes, when money is tight, a bill needs paying or the car needs fixing – where do we turn. These loans can then become really useful.


The government wants to make sure that when signing up for these loans that the terms are clear and that it should not be so easy to be able to borrow a large amount of money. Also the new payday loan lenders are taking money from your accounts, making sure they are getting paid. What if that money was needed to pay a bill that day? It is kind of a tricky situation to be placed in. Now that the new payday loan lenders are becoming so popular and the new go to, they have to change their rules and the way they are offering their services to the community.


There are many things to consider when applying for a loan; the biggest being will you be able to pay it back before falling even farther into debt. It should not be a hard decision but sometimes you have no choice. Whether you’re looking to increase credit history or you’re giving yourself a little breathing room to catch up, it looks like the new payday loan lenders business is going to be around for quite a while.


How It Works

The bills have to be paid by Friday, but what about food for the week, oh and gas to get to work, with no money in the bank where do you turn. There is always that new Payday loan center that opened up around the corner. With the economy in such bad shape everyone is having to find other means of obtaining money. It is now much easier to apply for a quick loan than it is for a credit card. Even so, it should not be a decision that it is made lightly.


When considering applying for a loan you should first think about the amount of money you will need and the probability of being able to pay it back. You do not want to borrow more money than you actually need. Before choosing a Payday lender, check a few places out first. They are all trying to compete and may make you a better offer to keep the business. Find out what has been the feedback about them and what you will be getting into. There are always comments online and you can easily find out how others feel about the company.

Another big influence on your decision should be the interest rates attached to the contract. It is easy to sign and apply but there is always the fine print to consider. There are many charges that come with borrowing money and the Payday lenders are able to take money out of your account before you are able to pay. These little attachments end up making a bigger mess for you in the end. Borrowing money should only be done when having to catch up and get yourself back on your feet. It should not be a decision made when you don’t think you will be able to pay it back. You do not want to get yourself into a bigger hole and fall even farther in debt. Many people are not aware of all the terms that come along with being lent money.

While borrowing money you should be thinking about prioritising. Some bills are more important than others and should be paid off first. When working out a deal, be sure to have a realistic budget and timeline to make payments for everything. It has to be planned out just right so that you are comfortable with the decision being made. It will not just affect your wallet and bank account if you’re not able to follow through with the terms of the Payday lender, but it will severely affect your credit score. If planned out right and followed through with, the Payday loan could help boost your score. If not it could put a dent in your credit and make it harder for you to be approved for many things in the future.

Borrowing money should not be a habit either. It should only be done in a time of emergency and when there’s no other option. It is much easier and cheaper to borrow money from a friend or family member, but this is not always an option. Also do not let yourself agree to one loan just to pay off another, you will only be going backwards. If you feel you have no other choice and will be considering a Payday lender to work with make sure you are well informed and have read all the fine print before signing. It should be a decision made after much consideration and if done right, it’ll l be one that will get you into a great financial situation and in the right direction.





Payday Loans Online

How to Borrow Money Online
payday loans onlineThe World Wide Web was ‘invented’ or came into being in April 1993 and it has only taken 20 years to revolutionise the world of personal banking, savings, borrowing, investments and financial trading.


Before the arrival of the internet, the traditional way for credit worthy individuals to borrow money in the UK was from a bank or building society. This was the mainstream method for many generations, as the branch manager of a bank or building society would know the individual and thus take minimum risk in lending to this type of borrower.


At the other end of the personal finance and loan market has always been the section of society with no savings, bank account or ability to borrow from a bank or building society due to their lack of a credit history or a bad or poor credit record. Some communities with a higher share of individuals in these categories and where the mainstream finance providers have effectively ‘abandoned’ the community have created their own Credit Unions to keep the door step lenders and loan sharks away. But, some vulnerable individuals and families not belonging to any Credit Union, who are in desperate need of cash to make ends meet, would have no option but to borrow on a short term basis at extortionate rates from the cash door step lenders or even worse the very dangerous ‘loan sharks’.


This situation had lasted until a few years ago when the mainstream lenders and some specialist providers, e.g. high cost lenders, started accepting applications online. The banks and building societies even allowed applications for mortgages to be started online.


It is widely accepted that the UK specialist high cost loans market took off as a result of many factors, the main one being the arrival of US payday loan providers looking for new less regulated markets due to their own in the US being restricted due to various state legislations protecting the consumer. The other big factor was the credit crunch and the squeeze on credit availability to this sector of the economy. The US companies started by appearing on the high streets of many deprived and high unemployment areas of the UK. Some would argue that they filled the gap left by many mainstream banks and building societies that vacated these areas, as the branches were deemed to be ‘not cost effective any longer’. Many of the high street payday lenders also had an online presence, which were still not as popular with consumers who had a poor credit record due to the fact that they were still not connected to the internet. However, the recent explosion in payday loan companies operating online has been the result of the targeted consumer’s take up of broadband internet. The other big users of payday finance online are credit worthy young people who are very internet savvy and find the payday lenders’ application process more to their liking and the fast availability of cash into their bank account as the best feature of this type of loan.


So, where to go get payday loans online is dependent on your credit record and how much you are looking to borrow. Most payday lenders can provide quick access to cash with short term loans from £100 to £1500 at APRs of 300% upwards payable over 7 to 30 days. There are certain criteria that a borrower must meet for the online lender to process the loan application, e.g. you must be 18 or over, have a UK bank account and be in part or full time employment (not temporary). Sometimes the cash can be in your account within 30 minutes if you meet these conditions. A number of payday lenders even boast that it can take as little as 15 minutes to process the applications!


There are a many payday loan companies in the UK. provide an excellent online service for getting the best loan for you by giving you access to the best UK payday lenders and by checking the best rates available.



Responsible Lending Through Payday Lenders

payday lendersEver dealt with the situation of having your salary end in the middle of the month? If your answer is yes then you’ll be glad to know that you are not the only one facing this problem. In today’s world of ever growing expenses, it is not easy to survive on the minimal salary that an average employee makes.


Lasting the month with the same money is not possible as there is always some sort of unexpected emergency that requires monetary help. It could be a medical emergency or just the car breaking down; whatever the reason, you will have to come up with the money. Loan lenders online offer you the opportunity to deal with your short term financial problem right there and then without having to worry about asking anyone else for money. Just by heading online and filling in a small application form, you can become eligible to receiving a payday loan which will help you get through your tough time.

Easy and reliable process

The loan lending process is fairly easy and there are no technicalities involved. What you need to have is a permanent job and a bank account and you are all set to go. New payday loans can range up to 1,200 pounds which is a sufficient amount for any short term problem. By heading online and searching for the right loan lenders, you will be making sure that you are getting the best service available in your area. There are plenty of options when it comes to payday lenders and they will be available to you all hours of the week. Each loan lender requires you to fill in a short application form with your basic details. Once they confirm the details, your loan will be approved and you will get the loan within a few hours, most likely within the same day. This is the basic reason for the payday loans popularity as it offers an instant solution. The process is reliable and there is no room for fraud and once you apply and your loan is approved, you will get the loan within a short time. So if you have a problem that needs your instant monetary attention, than payday loan lenders are the ones you need to turn to.

Always available

Unlike banks that have a closing time, payday loan lenders are always available. Because their loan application process is online, it makes it easier for anyone to apply for a loan in the comfort of their own home. There’s no need to make trips to the bank or make unnecessary phone calls; new payday loans can be easily applied for online. Financial emergencies don’t wait for a particular time, they just happen. You could end up in a bit of a pickle right over the weekend, which does not mean that you have to wait for the bank to open on Monday; what you can do is apply for a payday loan online and you will get your desired loan within 24 hours.


You do not need to be a computer whiz to figure out how the process works as it is pretty much self-explanatory and many payday lender websites come with a toll free number where you can call and have your queries answered. New payday loans have paved the way for many young couples and families who were having difficulties in their day to day lives by providing them with help exactly when they needed it.
When it comes to short term financial crises, the main thing you need to focus on is a timely solution. Instead of borrowing cash from a family member, why not head online and apply for a payday loan? The process is discreet and you will get the financial help you need. So keep your integrity intact and let those worries fade away.



GimmeDosh only works with responsible lenders.



City Slickers turn to Cash Till Payday Lenders

If you thought that all customers from the cash till payday lenders were on a low income, think again. It doesn’t matter who you are, how you look or what your status in life is, it’s all cash to the payday lenders, and any of us can get into financial problems. Here is the story of a high earner from the city who got into trouble with money after living the life of excess.


cash till paydayIf you saw Daniela on the street no one would blame you for thinking that she was a really successful woman that had it all going for her. She has a £1000 Gucci handbag slung across her shoulder and all her clothes are from the top designers. She is sexy and very confident in herself. Dig a little deeper though and the story is quite different to what you might think. Daniela came to London ten years ago and has excelled in her career as a head-hunter, earning upwards of £90.000 a year, plus bonuses.


To most people that would sound like a very good salary, and it is, but in reality Daniela has experienced real financial problems, and admits to have regularly taken out cash till payday loans to help maintain her city lifestyle. Daniela confesses that she has never been very good with money and that when she began to earn well, the temptations of city life coupled with the high demands of her peers really began to take a toll on her finances.


She said “The pressure on women to look good in the city is greater than those upon men, and we are constantly judged on our appearance, leading to a large expenditure on clothing and accessories. On top of this the city night life, drugs and partying doesn’t come cheap, and I find myself easily spending upwards of £500 on a single night out”.


She had to start borrowing cash till payday as a quick solution to her money problems but when things started to spiral out of control and the debts mounted up to £1400 she knew that she had a problem. She says that “many high earners in the city rarely earn enough money to cover the cost of their extravagant lifestyles and lots of them are struggling financially, despite outward appearances”.


Daniela was able to pay off her debts after quite a short period because of her high salary and some help from her dad, but said that “I would have hated to face these problems if I was poor with little chance of making payments, I was an idiot to have got myself into this predicament and have learnt from the experience”.


Addiction leads To Loans


A leading Harley Street addiction therapist Mark Dempster said that he was surprised at the mounting number of his clients that have been using cash till payday loans to get them through. He said “These are highly paid people having to get help from their parents to pay off loans of thousands,” he added “All the money that they generate through their income is going straight out on high interest repayments — the stress and even depression it causes is huge”. Many high flyers in the city succumb to bad habits like gambling and cocaine addiction with little thought to the damage these addictions have on the health of themselves or their bank balances.


GimmeDosh offer cash till payday loans from licensed lenders.


Moody’s Downgrading of UK’s AAA Credit Rating

Payday lenders say it was only a matter of time that this would have happened as many of these agencies had indicated there would be a downgrading if the economic situation in the UK did not improve.


payday lendersSo, it seems even nations can have their credit rating affected by corporate credit reference agencies due to high levels of debt and their economies not performing well enough or the way the agencies want or expect them to.  This is similar to individuals who have been through a difficult time in the financial sense and have had their credit rating blackened at the main credit reference agencies, which means the mainstream lenders will not accept applications from them due to the perceived ‘high risk’.  The only way these consumers can raise cash on a short term basis to cover a financial emergency or income shortfall in a given month is to apply for a payday loan from one of the many lenders in the UK, online and in the high street.


It is unlikely that the UK government will have to resort to borrowing money for their short term requirements from ‘payday’ lenders!  But, its lowered credit rating will, in the long run, affect its ability to raise money in the capital markets and the rates they will have to pay for those borrowings.


Why do we need Credit Reference Agencies?


In general, these agencies are used by big lenders and the financial markets to gauge the risks associated with lending to a government or institution.  So, the Greek economy, which has been shrinking due to the austerity measures imposed on them by the EU and the IMF and does not show any signs of improvement for the foreseeable future, will not able to borrow at the same rates as Germany or Holland due to its much lower credit rating.


The markets therefore need such agencies to ‘rate’ the risk economies and institutions in order to be able to make sound judgements when lending or investing.


A very similar system is used by lenders, banks and building societies, to assess the risk associated with lending to individuals.


Who are the UK Credit Reference Agencies for Individuals?


There are three main consumer credit reference agencies in the UK:


  • Callcredit,
  • Equifax, and
  • Experian.


Each of the above credit reference agencies has its own database with information on relevant financial activity and details of the credit history on most adults in the UK.  This is called your credit reference file or credit report.  They provide a range of this shared data to lenders regarding the potential applicant.  The specific information about the borrower is then used by the lender to make a decision on whether to lend to the individual or not. The shared information they release to a lender will include details of your credit history.


Access to your Credit File


All adult consumers in the UK have the right to request a copy of the data held about them by the credit reference agencies.  This can be done by writing to any of the three credit reference agencies with your request for a copy of your credit reference file enclosing a £2 cheque or post office money order (refer the Information Commissioner’s Office at for more details).


Many UK payday lenders don’t perform a credit check, as they have their own criteria for lending. is able to direct you to the best and fastest online short term payday lenders in the UK.



Pay day loans: An Instant Source of Cash

Nowadays, we face many circumstances in life and many people obtain a pay day type of loan when they need some money quickly and discreetly. If you are interested enough, you may need to apply for this type of loan when you face an unforeseen emergency or a bill that comes at you from nowhere. In this article, you will be guided on the basic ideas about borrowing money on a reliable company online.



pay day

Requirements Of Pay day

All pay day loan companies have their own application form to fill up that serves as their reference to their applicant or money borrower. The details you need to provide are listed below.

1. You need to include your complete name.
2. 18 and above are strictly the age required of every company.
3. You should indicate your current employment status and your income monthly or fortnightly income and also your bank account details.

As you read the requirements listed above, you can say that it is very easy to apply and have the cash without any further ado. If you know that you are qualified for this type of lending company, then apply now and a payday loan gives you a lot of benefits that you are not really expecting.

Benefits of Payday Loans

There are lots of benefits that they offer and for sure, you will be interested to know and experience what those benefits are.

1. There are some cases that you may experience like when you are short of cash between your paydays, it can often be embarrassing to have to ask friends and even your family for assistance. Some cases, one of your family members also struggling financially, so it can be difficult to ask help from them because they also need money for their needs. A payday loan is the fastest way to loan money with the help of the advanced technology to get the cash in the same day.


2. Another benefit is that you can receive the cash completely through your bank account. Some lending agencies will add an additional fee for the money transfer, so it is very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the lending agency before accepting the offer and to avoid misunderstanding.


3. Some cases like current bills, hospital bills and etc. that you need to pay as soon as possible but you do not have the money yet, pay day is always there to help you. They can send the cash you needed at the same time without any deductions.


Terms and Conditions of Payday Loans:

Before you sign and fill up the application form, you should have read first the terms and conditions even their policies for the payments. If you are interested but you have doubts and questions about it, you are free to raise questions to the agency that you are applying for.

Payment is deducted directly to your account. Payday loans are short-term cash advances to be paid back with the borrower’s next paycheck. So, it is very important that you have a regular source of money for you to pay the loans that they lent.
Aside from those things, the borrower will be the one to decide how much is the amount and basically, it depends on the situations that they are facing off. On the other hand, pay day lenders can actually do a screening test of the amount being requested by the borrower in order to prevent any difficulties in paying back. Those tests are basically done with the presented income or salaries per month. With this, they will know your paying ability and time.